Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I.T. governance award for AICT

I am pleased to let you know that AICT has won a very interesting award. There is a company called Pink Elephant that is the world's #1 supplier of IT Service Management and ITIL education. ITIL is a control framework for detailed IT governance that is favoured by IT auditors. Pink Elephant hosts the world's largest ITSM conference each year--this is the 16th annual running Feb. 17-20--where they give out four awards related to IT Service Management. This year the ITIL Project of the Year award was won by AICT at the University of Alberta for its rapid implementation of ITIL.

Here is a one minute video that will be shown at this year's conference.

Kudos to executive director Trevor Woods and his entire AICT team.

Duane Szafron
Professor & Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President (Information Technology)


  1. Interesting that the award and company are named after a hallucination suffered by drunks with the DT's.....

  2. so now there really is a pink elephant in the room..


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