Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Two new funds from Undergrad Research Initiative

The Undergraduate Research Initiative announces two new funds for undergraduate student research. The first is available directly to undergrads, the second is available to undergrads but also those facilitating undergraduate research projects, including faculty and post-docs. Please share this information with any U of A colleagues and students whom you think would benefit from one of these stipends.
The Undergraduate Student Researcher Stipend. This stipend enables undergraduate students to carry out mentored research projects and creative works activities at the U of A. This stipend helps undergraduates enrich their university experience through hands-on discovery and skill development in a research intensive university. Priority is given to interdisciplinary work. The stipend is $5000 and may be held full time (any time of the year) for 4 months or part time for up to a year. The first application deadline is March 5, 2012.

The Undergraduate Research Support Fund. This fund supports undergraduate research and creative works activities at the University of Alberta.  These activities include student group trips to research facilities; undergraduate research colloquia; and any other support that encourages undergraduate student engagement in research and creative works. For example, this stipend could be used for equipment, supplies or software necessary to complete an undergraduate research project. Any member of the University of Alberta community (faculty, post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, research assistants, undergraduate students) may apply for up to $500. The application deadline is six weeks prior to need.
More information and application forms are found on the URI site.

The Undergraduate Research Initiative is off to a fantastic start. Thanks to all of you for your support in providing invaluable research opportunities for our students.

Connie Varnhagen
Director, Undergraduate Research Initiative
Professor of Psychology

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  1. Great initiative, Connie. Someone should nominate you for a 3M or something!

    (Kidding -- CONGRATS on the win! )


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