Monday, October 24, 2011

Service levels on Nov. 10 NASA day off

Thursday, Nov. 10, 2011, is a ratified paid day off for support staff; however, for AASUA staff it is a regularly scheduled day of work. While the university will be open that day, it will be operating at reduced levels of service.

Administrators are urged to consider how your Faculty or unit plans to communicate the service levels available to students and clients.

This is a non-teaching day for most Faculties; however, Faculties with classes running should ensure they consider logistics for building access and security.

Service at Augustana Campus differs:  Augustana will not observe the support staff day off on Nov. 10 and will be open with full service.  Support staff at Augustana will observe their day off on Oct. 28 and will operate at reduced levels of service on that day.

The central units listed below will offer the following service levels on Nov. 10.   Facilities & Operations will provide their levels of service in a separate communication. 

Open with Full Services
Dean of Students (University Student Services)
Mental Health Centre
Protective Services

Open with Reduced Services
Academic Information & Communication Technologies
Environmental Health & Safety
Human Resource Services
Research Services Office
University Health Centre & Pharmacy

Financial Services
Help Desk - Academic Information & Communication Technologies
Office of the Registrar
Sexual Assault Centre
Supply Management Services

For additional information regarding service levels, please contact the appropriate Faculty, department or service unit office. 

Information for administrators on managing the support staff days off can be found on the Human Resource Services website.

Thank you,

Chris Cheeseman
Vice-Provost & Associate Vice-President (Human Resource Services)

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