Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Answers to town hall questions

As promised, here are the answers to the town hall questions that came in via the blog and Twitter.

On the $11 million dollar surplus listed in the University's Comprehensive Institutional Plan.

I missed the first part of the President's response, so I have included text from this post that provides a comparable answer. The audio picks up with the President providing the second reason for the surplus.

"The first is a reevaluation of our assets. This improvement in the value of our assets was due to the improving economy, and as the economy continues to improve we might see additional gains of this type. This has not lead to an increase in the University’s income, however. It similar to when the value of your house increases. It’s good news, but you don’t have access to the extra value."


On campus morale.


On special ballot polling stations on campus during the federal election.

I again missed a bit of the audio on this, because I asked the question on behalf of the student who contacted us through Twitter. The President noted that there is a polling station on campus for students who live in Lister Centre, and that other polling stations exist off-campus for those who live in the area. In the aftermath of special polling at Guelph, and the controversy that arose there, Elections Canada is no longer allowing special ballot stations on campuses across Canada.


There will be video provided via YouTube once it has been edited down into proper segments (by question). There is a time limit on YouTube videos, so we can not post them as one piece.

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